“All disease begins in the gut.” – Hippocrates

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Short-Short: Travel Log Lessons

I recently traveled to visit family and friends for 10 days. I thought that after almost a year on the SCD, I'd have traveling down by now, but...it wasn't so. Here are two lessons I (re)learned this time around:

1.  Quantity is no substitute for variety. At get-togethers, dinners, and other food-centric events, while traveling, I'm tempted to say, "Don't worry about me, as long as I have salad and fruit, I'll be fine." Not so. While on the road, I ate salad and fruit; out to dinner, salad and fruit; family dinner with suspicious food, more salad and fruit. All this fiber and roughage really did a number on me, and I learned that my system is still sensitive.

Lesson: I should have made my needs known and communicated their importance so that I could eat a balanced meal too--one that satisfied me, and didn't irritate my gut.

2.  There's no avoiding the pre-trip food preparation. I didn't do a great job preparing food for the return car trip (12 hours). I have a roaring metabolism, so I was hungry most of the day, and as a result of that hunger, grumpy and jealous when the rest of the family got to munch on good bread, crackers, etc. As a result of my lazy "oh well" attitude, I ate three meals out that were most likely, by the reaction of my bowels, not SCD friendly.

Lesson: I should have taken the time to prepare good SCD friendly food for my return trip. Yes, it's more work, but it's still better than Immuran, or Prednisone any day.

Onward to Health.

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