“All disease begins in the gut.” – Hippocrates

Monday, June 21, 2010

My First 5k on the SCD

My worst flare began in 2008, October. For 11 months, I couldn't be more than 3 minutes from a bathroom or else. I definitely couldn't go on a run, at least not without a plastic bag full of TP and a healthy fear of being spotted in public. That said, now after almost a year on the SCD, I can run without fear that I may have to go to the bathroom in a drainage ditch.

Two weeks ago I ran my first race since the flare in 2008 began. It was a short 5k. I was on vacation, and in retrospect a 5k is a good distance to 'test' my gut (I get competitive and nervous before races). I ran a PR (20:58) without a single groan or grumble from my gut (lots of grumbling from my lungs and legs though). A year ago I never would have thought that could happen.

Regardless of whether or not my scope this coming March (2011) shows inflammation or not, the SCD has contained my symptoms the way drugs could not. For that, I am grateful.

Lesson: Athletes, it may take time to get back into action. Stick with it--And let me know when you run your first symptom-free race.

Onward to Health.


  1. Hi Matt - congrats and thanks for the good advice.

    I'm new to the diet, about 3 weeks now, and I'm planning to try to row a 5K (17-18 minutes of rowing) the first weekend in October with my crew team.

    In college, we would carbo load before 5K runs (obviously out of the question); did you prepare any special way food-wise for your recent 5K?


  2. KT,
    Good question. You shouldn't need to 'load' before such a short event. Eat a normal, SCD-friendly, breakfast at least an hour before (I eat 2-3 hours before, so that I have an empty stomach for short, fast events), and you should be fine. I did have some issues with feeling hungry when I first started the SCD (I was always hungry; not the same full feeling I got from non-SCD diets), but I've learned to eat often, which has helped.
    So no special eating prep for such a short event. Make sure you're drinking lots of water a few day before so you're well-hydrated.