“All disease begins in the gut.” – Hippocrates

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

SCD and Probiotics, Interesting Experience

Short Post:

I noticed a difference in my symptoms only 4 days after starting the SCD. I don't know what the typical healing time is for people, though I gather some from blogs, chats, etc. From the start, my symptoms got better and better for about 4 months. Then they seemed to level off at a normal 1-2 trips to the bathroom per day, but the stool was not solid, and I was still gurgly. My doctor considered this full remission. I was unsatisfied. It could be something I'm doing wrong on the diet, something wrong for my body, but I'm (still) at a loss to figure it out. So, after 4 months of SCD, (2 months of unchanging, 90% healing) I started probiotics. For the past 6 months, I've been taking 36 Billion CFU per day of a mix of bacteria. Still at 90% with a few days here and there at 100%. Colonoscopy at 8 months on the diet showed little change in intestinal inflammation, though I felt great. Hmmm? Then I started taking B. Infantis and my world changed. I transitioned to 100% in about 48 hours. Hmm again? Curiosity being my only real gift, I quit probiotics for a week to see if they had been helping or not. Indeed, 2 days into my 7 day trial, my stools loosened and filled with mucus. Oops! After the week trial, I went immediately up to 48 B CFU, a mix of B. Infantis and L. Bulgaricus. Back to normal. Lesson learned.

Bottom Line Learing: The SCD induced remission for me, but progress stagnated after 4 months. The combination of SCD and Probiotics has put me over the hump. We'll know for sure at my next scope, Feb, 2011.

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