“All disease begins in the gut.” – Hippocrates

Monday, September 20, 2010

Short-shorts: The Gut-Brain Connection, Bugs, and Skinny Diabetics

I read a lot. I read poetry, fiction, non-fiction, research, whatever--And I'll read anything that pertains to Crohn's, Colitis, and the remediation of.
Every so often I come across a series of articles, or read something that I really just want to share in its entirety. That's how I use short-shorts; they're for conveying interesting reading that I thought might help someone, somewhere, somehow.
Mostly though, I just found these interesting, and needed an outlet for my inner geek.
For those on the SCD, or considering the SCD, read through pecanbread.com. I wish someone would have told me about their writing on how to succeed on the SCD. It would have saved me lots of mistakes; many of which likely prolonged my symptoms. Browse all the links at the top.
And for oodles of fun, from one of my favorite blogs, The Healthy Skeptic, read about Skinny People and Type 2 Diabetes.
Onward to Health.

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