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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Treatment: Vitamin E Enema for Colitis

Here is the procedure for Vitamin E treatment enemas that I alluded to in this post. I've cleaned it up a bit, but when I refer to the 'author', I'm referring to the original author, not me.

Thanks to New Treatments.org for this post.

Vitamin E* Enemas for Colitis

  • Buy a small size enema bulb about 4 inches long. A bulb end ear syringe is fine.
  • Day 1 -start by empting 2 capsules of vitamin E into 2 tablespoons of filtered water  800 IU total. Do this by sticking a pin into a capsule and squeeze out the contents. Suck up the mixture (it's oil, and does not dissolve in the water). The author used a small tapered wine glass. Retain the mixture.
  • On the second day empty 4 capsules and repeat the same procedure.
  • On the third day, empty 6 capsules and repeat the same procedure.
  • On the 4th day empty 8 capsules repeat. Authors note:  Up to this point I received no visible results.
  • On the 5th day, empty 10 capsules that's 4000 IU of vitamin E.
  • Continue to increase the dose by 2 capsules (800 IU) per day until you see positive results. This is your effective therapeutic dose.
  • Continue the enema at the effective therapeutic dose for 30-90 days. You'll have to experiment here. If you begin reducing your dose at 30 days, and your symptoms return, then raise the dose again for another 30 days and experiment again. Keep this up until you can come off the enemas without your symptoms returning

Lie on your side with your knees drawn up to your belly, and insert the lubricated enema bulb gently. Take the enema after a bowel movement. Morning and evening are good times to do this. Continue to lie on your side 10-15 minutes to give the enema a chance to circulate through out the colon.

The writer of this procedure had this to say, once he got to the fifth day: The following morning was the first time I saw stool form since I could remember. No blood. Controlled bowel movements. [snip]

I had to repeat this every day for a long time or on the 2nd day the gut would revert to its old habits. No side effects. If at first you lose some material, don't worry you will get enough of the vitamin E to work...I finally increased the dose by 2 capsules a day until I reached 20 capsules

*Use the natural form of Vitamin E  (d-alpha tocopherol acetate) and not the synthetic dl-alpha tocopheryl. Studies have associated nasty health effects with the synthetic form of Vitamin E.

Onward to Health.

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