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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Short-shorts: Vitamin E and other alternative treatments for Crohn's and Colitis

After a couple of weeks away for vacation, I'll start back with this short-short.

1. New Treatments.org has some interesting articles about Crohn's and Colitis. I found this post on Vitamin E treatments for Colitis especially interesting. I wonder if this success has been replicated? I know Crohn's Boy  posted something similar in 2009. Don't be turned off by the look of his website. He's smart, enthusiastic, and shamelessly evangelistic about natural treatments for Crohn's. I love reading his site.

2. While maintaining the SCD (which has cut my symptoms from 8-24 BM/day to 2-3 BM/day, but not cured me), I've decided to give Digestaqure a shot. It's a stabilized aloe compound that they claim can will rid me of my colitis. There is solid evidence out there that aloe is a strong healing food, both externally and internally. The problem is that when you harvest aloe it begins to oxidize rapidly (within 4 hours). That oxidation breaks down the majority of the molecules that are most important for internal healing; thus, the push to find a way to 'stabilize' the aloe in its freshest form.

I was super skeptical at first, because their site is a bit hokey looking, the language they use is essentially inflammatory rhetoric against "Big Pharma", but after about a month of digging into their literature and talking with their staff, it appears they are more credible than I first thought. They just have strong ideals, and are in desperate need of a content manager and editor. So, I'm 20 days into their 90 day treatment and will keep you posted on how it goes. So far?...I have noticed a difference, but I still have symptoms that are variable and enigmatic. So--we wait to see what happens.

At Digestaqure, they are so confident that their stabilized aloe will work for Crohn's and Colits that they offer a 100% money back guarantee (Yep, it's legit. I red the fine print and talked with the company. I asked all the 'where's the catch' questions I could think of, and they finally said to me, Look, the guarantee is unconditional, man, relax--Unconditional for your condition, promise.--OK.)

3. Primal Defense probiotics also make some pretty large claims, and if they are true, then the product is worth trying. See this testimonial, browse their site, call the company (which I always recommend), and decide for yourself.

For me: I will try Digestaqure first for 90-100 days. If that doesn't work, then I will try the Vitamin E treatment above for 90-100 days. If that doesn't work, then finally I will try Primal Defense (I already take probiotics, so...)

Bottom Line: The etiology (underlying cause(s), beginning(s)) of IBD is not well understood, and is likely different for each person. SO...You'll have to experiment with lots of different treatments to find the right mix of treatments for you. Be patient.

Onward to Health.

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