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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Time to get going, ABC's of the SCD

OK I have an admission to make: I had grand plans for the layout of this blog, but got too busy with work over the past 5 months to carry them out. Sad. Sorry. Now that work has settled down, I pledge to carry out those plans. This post is the second in a series of posts that will, I hope, outline, not the contents of Breaking the Vicious Cycle, but help you to LIVE on the diet. I'm an athlete so that is my context, but the principles will hold for anyone. Here goes...

Step One: Decide to do it. Sounds simple, huh? It's not. No one REALLY knows what the success rate is for the SCD. I've heard some say it's around 75%, and Elaine gives no numbers in her book. The decision to do the SCD may very well change your life; no more medicine, more energy, and most importantly, relief from symptoms. But you have to decide to do it; decide you are worth it. It's a big deal, or was for me at least. I gave up beer, for goodness sake! People will prod you with reminders of the things you will have to give up: Beer, Bread, Sushi, (most) restaurants, etc. I always remind people that what I really gave up was a life of medicine, bleeding, diahrea, surgery, and I've saved myself uncounted thousands of dollars in medical bills in the process. In starting the SCD, you give up a few pleasures (you'll discover new ones, promise) in order to regain your life. The cost benefit is easy, but there will be times when it doesn't feel easy. In this country, social events are often centered around food. How will you participate without feeling excluded, marginalized? That's an example of something you'll have to figure out. But stick with the diet. Here are the first two steps in short:
1. Decide to do it. Commit yourself to 2 months, error free. No lapsing, no snitching. If you see improvements, commit yourself to 2 more months, and so on. I'm to the point now where my current commitment is 1 more year. Work up to it.
2. Tell your Doctor what you're doing. He/She will advise you that you're taking a risk. Acknowledge their expertise and the risk. Ask for their help along the way. You'll be surprised. I have shown my doctor the results of the diet (using tools I'll introduce later), and he has agreed to advise me for the next 18 months while we 'investigate' the diet. He even wants to learn/read about it. Score!

So, commit yourself. And when you have questions, please ask me. The goal of this blog is to share with people the life I've recovered through the SCD.

Onward to health.

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  1. Hi Matt, love the blog. The SCD Diet saved my life and I have been on it for about 2 years and have never looked back. The thing that really made it work for me was starting over with the intro diet after I skipped it at first. It's so important to me that I have a free guide on how to start it in 24 hours for anyone to download if they want some help doing it properly. They can check it out http://www.scdlifestylebook.com/free.php

    In good health,