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Monday, April 5, 2010

The decision to start, Family

Last time, I proposed 2 steps to getting started on the SCD: Make the decision (for real), and loop in your doctor. But I forgot the most important--involve your family or those with whom you live. Why? Without their help, your bound to fail and then it's back to medicine...

It took about two and a half months for my wife and I to come to the decision to do the SCD. I decided in a week, but she took longer. We wrestled with seemingly mundane questions like, "will we ever get to go out to eat together?" Actually she wrestled with them mostly, I didn't really care. I thought we'd just find other things to do (and we have). But eating out wasn't what she was really dealing with. She was wrestling with the question of whether, if I started the SCD, would the rest of the family have to too? She didn't want to give up bread and pasta, eating rice or putting sugar in her coffee. It took the better part of 2.5 months for her to feel like this was her decision too, but it was worth it.

Our family is pretty traditional on the surface, in that my wife does much of the cooking, I'm gone ~12-13 hours of the day for work. This meant that if I went on the SCD, she would be my primary care-giver, my pharmacy so to speak. We (but primarily, she) would have to learn to cook all over again. You can see that buy-in from my family was essential. When I craved ice cream or real bread, oatmeal or pasta, she encouaged me. We made peanut butter brownies, or blueberry muffins, frozen yogurt or some other tasty treat that kept me on the narrow road. Who will help you stay focused when it gets hard?

Make no mistake, no matter what your living situation, buy-in from those you love and those you live with is essential. They will keep you going when "you can't go another day without sourdough".

Onward to Health.

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