“All disease begins in the gut.” – Hippocrates

Monday, April 26, 2010

Short-Shorts: Probiotics, Recipes, Traveling

These short-shorts are my way of pacifying blogging ADD.

  • I recently started taking B. Infantis. After 8 months on the SCD, I still didn't have well formed stools, though everything else seemed normal. I added this probiotic, and WHAMO!, formed stools literally overnight. Read about the benefits of B. Infantis here and here. One note: There's a lot out there about probiotics and IBD (read: Crohn's/Colitis). It's important to understand that no one really knows for sure which strains or strain combinations help and which hurt in IBD writ large (and more importantly why). For example, Bifidobacterium have been shown to cause bacterial overgrowth in the large intestine, and may cause harm in IBD patients. But--note that B. Infantis is a bifidobacterium. So are some of the other strains shown to help (see below). Hmm?
  • More on Probiotics. Benefits of B. Longum. Note the apparent conflict between the two articles on B. Infantis, B Longum and Elaine's research on Bifidus causing overgrowth in the large intestine. Who's right? (Both may be correct!) Which helps, which hurts? Things that make you go, Hmmmm?
  • Recipies online. Also here.
  • SCD cookbooks from Lucy's Kitchen Shop.
  • Check out the FAQ on SCDdiet.org. There's lots to learn there when you're first starting. Lots of the topics I cover are mentioned there too. The reason I write on them is that I think their coverage of some of these topics is pat and short. When I first read their posts, walked away still hungry for more details. This Q&A on traveling on the SCD is good.
Onward to Health.

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