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Friday, October 1, 2010

Starting the SCD: A Podcast with SCD Lifestyle

This week I did a podcast with Jordan and Steve from SCD Lifestyle. They are doing a great job helping people to get started on the SCD
This is the first in a series of regular podcasts. Each audio post will deal with a different aspect of living on the SCD. In this weeks post, Jordan, Steve, and I discuss getting started on the SCD. Below are some of the questions we discussed, courtesy of the guys at SCD Lifestyle.
:45 Can you walk us through some of the challenges you faced and how you actually started the diet?
9:43 When you first learned about the diet, what were some of the biggest challenges and limiting beliefs to immediately starting the diet, why did you hesitate?
14:45 Was the social challenges of the diet really awkward?  What was it like eating SCD around other people?
22:35 What was your mindset like the week before you started the diet?  What was going through your head?
38:50 How did you prep your family and friends when you were starting the diet?
42:30 How did you handle not being able to eat the food that your family is used to making for you at family get-togethers?
48:30 What is your final piece of advice to someone thinking about starting the diet?

You can listen to the podcast here, or those of you who get the feed will have a link at the bottom of the feed.

Or you can go to SCD Lifestyle and listen to the podcast on SCD Lifestyle's site.

Download the podcast here.
I would love to hear your suggestions for podcast topics, and as usual, questions are welcome. That’s why we do this—to help each other thrive on the SCD. Enjoy the podcast.
Onward to Health.

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  1. Thanks for your web site and podcast. LOVE IT. I just started the SCD Diet again four days ago. I did it last year for 5 months but was on high doses of prednisone the whole time. Now, I am on no meds and really hoping this diet work. I haven't seen any changes yet, but it is quite early. Finding all of these new resources has been real helpful for me and encouraging as well. Glad you found something. Debbie