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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Address, New Name, Same Blog

Welcome to my new blog site! Thriving on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet has moved here.

Below is the message I left on the old blog. But if you're here, it likely means that you've been redirected here automatically. Please take the time to change your feed address (below), and/or re-enter your email subscription.

This blog is relatively new. The original idea was to have a forum to discuss living with IBD as an athlete specifically. As I've been writing, I've discovered that my interests are much more broad. As such, I'm migrating my blog, with all its content to a new address, with a new title that I hope better encapsulates the breadth of topics I would like to cover. Athlete-specific content will still be there, but it won't be the entire focus.

Now the logistics:
I will insert a redirect into this blog that should, in theory, send folks to the new address automatically. I will also change the feed source so those of you who get my feeds via email or in a reader should still get them, even if you don't switch the feed address in your reader. It should all work smoothly--in theory

With that (theory) in mind, please do the safe thing: switch the feed address in your reader to

If you get feeds via email please visit my new site and subscribe from there. Once you verify that the new email feeds come to you without problems, unsubscribe from SCD for Athletes. If you do it in that order, you shouldn't miss a beat.

My new blog, Digestive Healing, can be found at:

Onward to Health.

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