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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Improved SCD-Friendly Energy Gel

I post this correction, thanks to Paul Stocker from eatingscd.com.  Mucilagenous plants typically contain polysaccharides which are not legal on the SCD. I do wonder, however, about seed mucilages. Tomatoes contain a mucilagenous seed, but tomatoes are SCD-legal. Chia seeds are not on Elaine's SCD legal/illegal list, but pecanbread.com has added them to their legal/illegal list. I'd be curious to know if anyone has characterized the Chia mucilage and could tell me why the tomato mucilage is legal, and the Chia mucilage is illegal. 

So for now, until I can answer those questions above, consider this recipe NOT SCD-legal.

Here's a recipe for an SCD-friendly energy gel that I use on long runs or for recovery after exercise:

I've mentioned this before, but not in such detail. I left the proportions generic, because you can mix the honey, lime juice, water and salt in large quantities and keep it in the fridge. It will keep for a long time. Just pour some in a small gel bottle when you need it and add the Chia Seeds.
I suggest mixing small batches first, until you get the taste the way you like it.

2-3 parts lime juice (depending on taste)
5-6 parts water (Substitute Coconut water for filtered water for more electrolytes, calories and a new flavor)
1-2 parts honey (again, depending on taste)
2-3 parts Chia Seeds
Salt to taste

Chia seeds have approximately 140 calories/oz--For the detail people.
The seeds need to be added to the liquid mix about 10 min before consuming to allow for the mucilage matrix to form. Enjoy!


  1. Hey Matt,

    Congrats on your medication-freeness!

    I found your site via a twitter from Jordan & Steve and poking around found the SCD-Friendly Energy Gel recipe. Unfortunately, chia is illegal on the SCD so your recipe is not SCD friendly. You can see pecanbread.com's illegal/legal list for confirmation. Anytime you see the word "mucilage" it's guaranteed to be illegal.

    Paul Stocker, eatingscd.com

  2. Thanks, Paul for your comment. The issue of mucilaginous seeds is interesting, and I agree with you. Thanks for pointing that out. I will post a correction. I do wonder, however, about the type of seed mucilage, because tomato seeds are mucilaginous, and they are SCD-legal.

  3. Matt,

    I have to admit to never before just what mucilage meant, I just knew it as a word to be aware of. Perhaps it's a question of concentration just like you're supposed to dilute fruit juices with water. I think the wikipedia page on mucilage might bear this out. It explains that mucilage is produced by most plants, but usually in relatively small percentages. At the bottom of the page, there is a list of plants known to contain far greater concentrations of mucilage than typically found in most plants and chia is listed.


  4. Thanks, Paul. The Wikipedia page wasn't quite as satisfying as I would like, but nevertheless, the name of the game with the SCD is 'play it safe'. So until I can verify otherwise, chia seeds are out--Illegal. Thanks for calling that out for me.
    The bigger question will be for people for whom the SCD doesn't work, or doesn't work fully. Some of those plant mucilages, such as aloe, are known for their soothing and healing properties...a discussion for email, or another day perhaps.